My name is Ishani and this is inactive. Follow jonnymorningwood because that's active and nicer.

every time i check here there are still like 600 people following it

i’m actually going to stop doing this periodically eventually, i kind of just do it to remember what it is to have a busy dash

(i’m here now)

I remade →

and I changed my url to do it good and proper

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i remade →


that’s it really


sleep time | by Ivan Kislov.

Atoms For Peace - Magic Beans


Blue - Eiffel 65

  • what she says: im fine
  • what she means: im doug dimmadome, owner of the dimmsdale dimmadome

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I’m meeting you in under a fortnight and if you do not let me give you a leg hug you’re going down

I got my hair cut

personally I don’t think it looks that much better than when I did it myself, but


my favourite thing about marvel movies is the sense of unity between the people who know to stay until after the credits

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I’m a creep, you drain me
It’s dripping everywhere
I’m ugly, you’re boring
I can’t act like I care

why do the ramones class as ‘real music’ and one direction do not

stop and take a minute to think about the variation within those respective discographies

2. What does your favorite bra/boxers/etc look like?

I don’t know I have lots of pretty underwear. I have some pink floyd boxers which I wear to bed when I feel like sleeping clothed which are pretty great and my favourite underwear is prrrrobably this one set which is black and lacy with white bows on it. I also have moomins pants though, so…

16. Most played song on your Ipod/Itunes?

free radicals - the flaming lips

22. What is your number one otp?

I don’t really ship…but baz and edie, I guess